Posted on Jul 13, 2020

This last week I finished up my refactoring spree, adding an object interface which allows any type to be treated as a Lingo object. With this done, it allowed for our Stage to be turned into a Lingo object, enabling…

Movies In A Window!

Now new windows can be created/destroyed and hidden/shown with open window "ball", close window "ball", forget window "ball", etc. There’s still a good number of Lingo methods and properties to implement, and rendering issues which need to be sorted out, but for now I’m focusing on fixing the large number of Buildbot errors which have recently piled up.

In particular, I’ve been trying to figure out how to handle duplicate script definitions in Majestic and other games, which has felt like a bit of a wild goose chase. After spending the weekend searching, I’ve identified how to handle 6 of roughly 180 duplicate scripts, so I’ll have to resume this hunt later.

For now, I’m fixing up issues in the Lingo grammar, which is going much more smoothly. :)