Hello, ScummVM!

Posted on May 12, 2020

Hi! I’m Deborah Servilla, and this summer I’m going to be working on ScummVM’s Macromedia Director engine as a GSoC student. Director was used to create a ton of multimedia from the late ’80s to early ’00s, and I think it’s important that we save this digital history from software rot. In particular, I hope to help the engine reach full support for Spaceship Warlock and The Journeyman Project in the near future. :)

A good portion of my work will be reimplementing Lingo, Director’s scripting language. I made some Lingo decompilation tools a few years back, and I’m very excited to continue exploring the intricacies of this language under the guidance of ScummVM’s fantastic mentors.

I’ll see you soon with more updates!